Enjoy resizing your images with our feature-rich application. Easily drag and drop your favorite images into Assetizr and let the magic begin. Searching for new inspiration? No problem! Browse our abundace of pictures, select your favorites and start editing. Make use of our Social Media presets to prepare your next posts in a heartbeat. What are you waiting for? It is time to Assetize!

Resize and Crop

Resize and crop your favorite images with just a few clicks. Select images from your folder or drag and drop them into Assetizr to start editing. Switch between a variety of formats (JPEG, PNG, SVG), reduce the image size and weight, and crop your pictures to your liking.


Discover mode lets you easily search for and import great pictures directly into Assetizr. There's no need to manually download images from sites like Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay anymore. Simply click on "Plus" and go to the resize mode to see the results.

Crawl - Beta

Crawl mode lets you easily scan websites for images and download them. Simply put in any website URL and load its images into Assetizr to optimize them based on your settings. This feature makes it incredibly easy to review your existing websites and optimize all of your images in one go.

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Watch mode lets you easily monitor a local folder and automatically Assetize its content. This will be based on your settings whenever you change or paste an image into it. Images are overriden, meaning there aren't any manual steps involved! Pick a folder and start watching. Simple!


Make use of our variety of customization options. Select global settings for all the different image formats. Get creative and adjust Assetizr to your needs perfectly.

FREE for a limited time only!