Resize your images.

Assetizr is a tool for resizing images and optimising them for web and mobile applications. Never struggle with getting the right dimensions for your pictures again.

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Magical performance

Assetizr was built with performance in mind. Mostly, you will not even notice that it's doing its magic. Just drop files in and voilà, your assets are automatically optimized and resized.

Image before optimisation
Image after optimisation

The image might appear pixelated, because the size is reduced to 2000px and your screen seems to be bigger

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Blazing fast

You don't want to wait ages to use the output result. Assetizr is incredibly fast, because of it's performance optimisations.

Easy to use

Simply drag'n'drop your files. No complicated iterative workflows. What you see represents what is in your output folder.

Smart naming

You can easily rename files. All of your output files will be renamed in one take. No more manual renaming. For even more comfortable usage, Assetizr attaches the file width in the name.

Batch processing

Assetizr can handle a lot of files. Additionally, you can have mutliple output configurations per input file. All in one go.


Assetizr does not clutter your PC. It does clean up after itself or when you want to do so. In just one click.

Lossless optimisation

In addition to resizing the image, Assetizr does include lossless optimisation for all of the file types.


FREE for a limited time.